C# Entity Framework join 하기

saltdoll 2018. 1. 11. 06:26

Entity Framework 에서 Join하기

join 테이블명 on 필드A equals 필드B

select 에서 new { }로 각 필드를 새롭게 만들어 준다.

I think it will be easier using syntax-based query:

var entryPoint = (from ep in dbContext.tbl_EntryPoint
                 join e in dbContext.tbl_Entry on ep.EID equals e.EID
                 join t in dbContext.tbl_Title on e.TID equals t.TID
                 where e.OwnerID == user.UID
                 select new {
                     UID = e.OwnerID,
                     TID = e.TID,
                     Title = t.Title,
                     EID = e.EID

And you should probably add orderby clause, to make sure Top(10) returns correct top ten items.

출처: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21051612/entity-framework-join-3-tables

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